Carpet Stain Removal Guide

If you are still unable to remove the stains… Call us at (919) 384-7003 for assistance.

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Water Based Stains

Beer | Blood | Candy | Catsup | Fruit Juices | Cough Syrup | Excrement | Jelly | Latex Paint | Soil Spots | Soft Drinks | Urine | Vomit | Water Colors

Special Water Based Stains

Coffee | Tea | Urine

Oil Based Stains

Chocolate | Crayon | Furniture Polish | Gravy | Grease | ink | Lipstick | Makeup | Oil | Oil Paint | Play Dough | Shoe Polish | Tar | Varnish

Special Stains

Candle Wax | Chewing Gum | Nail Polish | Rust

Untreatable Stains*

Acne Medication | Chlorinated Bleach | Drain Cleaners | Furniture Stains | Hair Dyes | Iodine | Mustard | Potted Plant Fertilizers | Toilet Bowl Cleaners

*Stains of this nature cannot be removed as they have permanently altered the carpet’s color. Most likely the only solution is to patch the carpet with a remnant, or a piece taken from a closet.

Reappearing Stains (Wicking / Detergent Residue)

It is not unusual for stains to sometimes reappear after spot-cleaning.

Wicking occurs when a liquid has been spilled on the carpet (usually a large quantity) and cleaning attempts remove only the stain and liquid from the carpet fibers. The liquid still remains in the carpet backing or padding and, through capillary action, the stain can “wick” back up on to the carpet fibers.

Residual re-soiling occurs when staining substances or cleaning products are left in the carpet and they attract soil.

These stains are not permanent and typically can be removed by simply repeating the appropriate step-by-step directions listed in the stain removal instructions. Here are some additional suggestions:

  • Avoid over wetting the carpet backing during spot-cleaning and rising. Blotting to remove excess moisture reduces the occurrence of wicking stains.
  • Use a “wet-vac” to extract liquid from the area if possible. Paper toweling placed over the cleaned area and weight with a color-fast object will help absorb resurfacing stains. Using fans to decrease the drying time will also help.
  • If you are still unable to resolve the problem, we will work with you over the phone to remove the stains. Call us at (919) 384-7003 for assistance.