Apartment Carpet Cleaning Services in Durham, NC

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Apartment Carpet Cleaning: What We Offer

Professional Carpet Care has been serving apartment communities for over 30 years and currently provides services to over 9,000 apartment units in Durham, Chapel Hill and Hillsborough. We have the experience, staff, and employees to handle the special needs of your apartment communities.

We provide a full range of services for apartment communities, including: carpet cleaning, carpet restoration, stain removal, spot dying, deodorizing, and 24 hour emergency water extraction.



For maximum “top-to-bottom” carpet cleaning, not just surface cleaning, which expands carpet life and appearance.


With over 30 years of experience cleaning heavily soiled and stained carpets, we can restore many of the carpets you would normally replace.


Red Stains, Grease, Oil, Gum, Rust, Burns, Wax, Paint, Spot Dying Bleach Stains, Pet Stains, Etc.


Patching, Stretching, Seam Repair, Threshold Repair


24 hour emergency service. We provide services for both water and sewage, including: extraction, sanitizing, mold & mildew retardation, moving and blocking furniture, pulling carpet and pad, turbo fans and dehumidifiers for carpet drying.

Our Transformations


Stain Removals


Chapel Hill Carpet Cleaning Red Stains

Red Stain Removal

Chapel Hill Carpet Cleaining Bleach Stains

Spot Dye Bleach Stains

Chapel Hill Carpet Cleaning Rust Stains

Rust Stain Removal

Carpet Restoration


Durham Carpet Cleaning Bedroom Before After

Living room carpet heavily soiled with grease, oil, beverage spills, red stains, paint, and burns.

Durham Carpet Cleaning Dining Room Before After

Dining room carpet heavily soiled with cooking grease and oil from the kitchen.

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